Governor What is Your Plan?

Vermonters For Health Care Freedom

Sadly it does not appear that Governor Shumlin understands the concept of a deadline. While we both share the goal of affordable health care for all Vermonters, Governor Shumlin and Vermont alone have mandated that approximately 100,000 Vermonters have to sign up for health care by Jan 1 or be without health care insurance. The deadline for opening VHC was Oct 1st the State has failed miserably to meet that deadline and VHC has failed to be an effective tool for Vermonters despite spending $95 million to develop this IT system. Then Governor Shumlin said Nov 1st would be the date Vermonters could sign up to pay and now he is hedging.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom again calls for the Governor to invoke the waiver provision in Act 171 calling for a delay and allowing Vermonters to keep and extend the health insurance they currently have until VHC’s website works. If Governor Shumlin doesn’t like the plan B that was included in the Exchange legislation then he needs to come forward with a plan B that will work for the insurance companies and for Vermonters who currently have insurance and who are being impacted by the failures of VHC not working. For these individuals being uninsured on Jan 1st is not an option. Governor what is your plan B to make sure Vermonters have insurance on Jan 1?

Further Vermonters for Health Care Freedom strongly suggest that Governor Shumlin fire CGI, immediately begin to collect the millions CGI owes Vermont for missing major milestones and bring the best minds in Vermont to the table to figure out this mess. Governor the time is now for you to act to protect Vermonters and to get a system that works.