Green Mountain Patriots bring “Sick and Sicker” to Vermont

by Rob Roper  

Filmmaker Logan Darrow Clements asks the question, “Where will Obamacare lead America?” He answers this in his 50 minute movie, Sick and Sicker , which takes an in depth look at the Canadian health care system. The film uses licensed news footage from Canadian TV and interviews with medical professionals, patients, and politicians to paint a picture of what it’s like when “the government becomes your doctor.”

A highly creative activist, Clements is perhaps best known for his 2005 attempt to confiscate via eminent domain the home of Supreme Court Justice David Souter in the wake of the Kelo v. New London ruling, which allowed New London, Connecticut, to confiscate and turn over citizens’ property to private developers. Clements’ plan, which ultimately failed, was to turn Souter’s New Hampshire farm into the Lost Liberty Hotel and Just Desserts Café.

Clements’ release of Sick and Sicker is equally creative. Fronting the money for the project out of his own pocket, Clements is trying to recoup his investment by selling DVDs and digital downloads on line. In one YouTube video promotion he promises to (and does) burn a page of ObamaCare legislation for every download purchased, giving first name and last initial credit to his customers.

In addition, Clements is allowing organizations to buy the screening rights to the movie for a flat fee, and the organization can keep any profits they are able to generate from showing the film.

This is what the Green Mountain Patriots (described on their website as “a peaceful, grass-roots, non-partisan group, envision a free and prosperous society rooted in the ‘Self Evident’ truths expressed by America’s Declaration of Independence.”)have done.

Pat Crocker, who was speaking for the group, said that bringing Sick and Sicker to Vermont was more about spreading the word than making money. “If we’re really thinking about a single payer health care system here, Vermonters should know what we’re getting into. This seemed like a really good and interesting opportunity.”

“We Vermonters are the in the Petri dish for this sort of experiment,” said Crocker. “So, Vermont is really the perfect place to market the movie.”

The first showing of Sick and Sicker will take place at St. Michael’s College in Colchester on Wednesday, February 23, 7:00-9:15pm, and is free an open to the public. Other events are in the works for Lunenberg, Manchester, and Morrisville.

Logan Darrow Clements will be a guest on Common Sense Radio on Feb 22, 11-noon on WDEV.