Gun Rights Supporters Fight Back

The recent push for gun control has provoked a response among gun rights supporters.  First there was the decision by the Barre gun show promoters to say thanks but no thanks to the Barre Mayor’s call to ban some guns from the show.  Here is the story from WCAX:

The promoters of the Central Vermont Gun Show in Barre have rejected the mayor’s request that they ban military-style assault firearms and high-capacity magazines at next month’s show.

Mayor Thom Lauzon made the request in advance of the 30th annual show at the Barre Auditorium. He said it was the responsible and respectful thing to do in the immediate aftermath of the Connecticut school shootings.

But at a meeting with the mayor this week, gun club officials declined to impose the restriction.

Meanwhile, the organizers are still working with police on a requirement that private sales conducted at the show still be subject to a background check.

Then there is the response by rank and file gun owners to the gun control push by simply buying more firearms.  This story was covered by the Burlington Free Press:

With all the recent talk of gun control, sales of firearms are soaring in Vermont and across the country, new federal figures indicate.

A good barometer of gun sales is the number of FBI background checks conducted on prospective buyers. In Vermont, the number of such checks climbed from 3,191 in November to 4,845 in December — an increase of more than 50 percent, according to FBI data released this month.

The increase in background reviews for Vermonters outpaced the national surge, which reached about 39 percent, with 2.78 million checks performed in December.

Vermont’s November number was high, too, compared with previous years. Historically, roughly 2,000 background checks were conducted here each month during the past decade.

One thought on “Gun Rights Supporters Fight Back

  1. We of the Gun Owners of Vermont would like to thank the Barre Fish and Game Club for standig there ground. As the largest single member pro gun organization in Vermont rest assured that we will stand with the club.
    Ed cutler
    legislative director
    The Gun Owners of Vermont

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