Happening under the Golden Dome this week…

by Rob Roper


The action on the House side this week is on the floor when the full body takes up the health care reform debate (H.202 revised).

Let your Representative know your feelings on the bill.


On the Senate side, there will be a PUBLIC HEARING in Room 11at 6:00-8:00 PM on Thursday to discuss S. 57 – An act relating to a single-payer and unified health system. This is the Senate version health care reform.


The Senate Health & Welfare Committee will discuss H.202.

Members of that committee are:

Sen. Claire Ayer (D-Addison), Chair

Sen. Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland), Vice Chair

Sen. Anthony Pollina (D-Washington), Clerk

Sen. Sally Fox (D-Chittenden)

Sen. Hinda Miller (D-Chittenden)

The Agriculture committee will take up S. 99 – An act relating to agricultural economic development, and H. 287 – An act relating to job creation and economic development. Another interesting bill is S. 93 – An act relating to labeling maple products, which is supposed to tighten up the regulations surrounding the advertising of maple products.

The Government Operations committee will concern itself with S. 90 – An act relating to respectful language in state statutes in referring to people with disabilities. This bill is sponsored by committee member Anthony Pollina and, “proposes to require the agency of human services to conduct a study to analyze Vermont statutes referring to people with disabilities and to make recommendations regarding the use of more respectful language.” One wonders what the state has done to offend.

And, of course our favorite that won’t go away, S. 20 – An act relating to financing campaigns for elected office.

Seems like a slow week in the committees.