Hillary may not be as formidable a candidate for 2016 as many think

by Robert Maynard

There has been a lot of buzz going around about how Hillary Clinton is looking to be a political juggernaut going into 2016 election season.  Polling data backs that perception up by listing her as an odds on favorite to win the Democratic nomination.  What is less well known is that polling also shows that Hillary is the least favorite candidate to be the Democratic nominee.  This Washington Examiner article takes a look at the mixed feelings that many Democrats have toward Hillary being their nominee:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on top of yet another poll today. But it’s not the result her team was hoping for.

In a new Rasmussen Reports poll, Clinton tops five others as the one candidate voters don’t want to win in 2016.

“Regardless of whom you would vote for, which candidate would you least like to see win the Democratic nomination in 2016? Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, Andrew Cuomo, Antonio Villaraigosa or Cory Booker?” Rasmussen asked.

The results: Clinton 27 percent, Biden 24 percent. The rest were in the 15 percent to 17 percent, reported Rasmussen. Women are more enthusiastic supporters of Clinton than men are. Men are more likely to hope she doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.

Sizing up the contrary findings, Rasmussen said: “Hillary Clinton is the Democrat voters most want to see win her party’s presidential nomination in 2016 — and least want to see win that nomination, too.”

In other words, Hillary may not be as formidable a candidate for 2016 as many think.