Howard Dean Supports Charters?

By Alex Darr

Howard Dean was at Castleton State College addressing several hundred college students this week, and he came out strongly for Charter Schools, at least in the inner cities. They are transforming the lives of the blacks in New Orleans, he said.

Charter Schools are run more or less autonomously with a degree of freedom given to their administrators and teachers, not allotted to government run, union dominated public schools

The academic scores of the poor in the State of Vermont stay mired in the lower percentiles.

Do you suppose the Governor would lend his support to the idea of Charter Schools here?

If not, why not?

2 thoughts on “Howard Dean Supports Charters?

  1. Charter schools get x # of dolarls per student, nothing more or less. They will screw you and cut every corner they can as their inferior scores are hidden in back pages of newspapers. They will break the law in trying to keep students with disabilities out as well as any other student where there is no profit.That is the experience in Michigan, with a few exceptions where there is some private money and facilities provided as donations in a few schools. Their Charter School program is actually run better than other states. Charter schools are one of the bigger jokes conservatives have foisted upon the public.

  2. This is a 180 degree reversal for Dean. In the 1990s he was emphatically opposed to charter schools in Vermont, and stacked a legislative study committee with militant NEA types who produced (if memory serves) a 7-4 vote against any charter legislation.
    That was puzzling, because Dean never attended a public school in his life (Browning School, St. George’s Prep, Yale, Yeshiva).

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