Hundreds rally against gun legislation in Bennington

This article by David LaChance originally appeared April 8 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — A crowd of at least 300 gun rights supporters filled the Four Corners downtown on Saturday to protest the Legislature’s passage of S.55, legislation that puts new limits on gun ownership in Vermont.

Holding signs bearing such slogans as “Guns don’t kill people! People kill people,” “I’m an American, I have the right to bear arms,” “Second amendment protects the first,” and “Gun free zones are victim zones,” the protesters encouraged motorists to honk in support through the early afternoon.

A handful of signs singled out Gov. Phil Scott, who has promised to sign the legislation, as well as two additional measures that would allow police to take guns from people considered at risk of harming themselves or others, and from people arrested or cited for domestic assault.

S.55, which gained momentum after the shooting deaths of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Fla., and the arrest of a teenager accused of planning a school shooting in Fair Haven, has four main provisions: It bans long gun magazines with more than 10 rounds and pistol magazines with more than 15 rounds, requires background checks for private gun purchases, raises the legal age for gun ownership from 18 to 21, and bans bump stocks, devices that raise the speed with which semi-automatic weapons fire bullets.

Rallies were also held in South Burlington and Barre. Another is planned for April 14 in Montpelier.

Steve Roy, of Pownal, said he joined the Bennington rally because he opposes two parts of S.55: the change in the age of legal gun ownership, and the magazine ban. He doubted whether either would prevent the kind of gun violence that prompted the Legislature to act, and called the magazine restriction “low-hanging fruit” and “feel-good legislation.”

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5 thoughts on “Hundreds rally against gun legislation in Bennington

  1. Just like the fake news, this is -word for word- the same article posted in various ‘newspapers’ around the state. Perhaps they think we’ll forget about it by Nov. This stupid law(s) is just the camels nose under the tent. Once they pass this, there will be a new one every week until NY starts to look good. But we must remember “it’s all for the children…………………”.
    These new laws will do nothing to help prevent school shootings. It is only the first step to follow Adolph, Mao, and others. Molon Labe.

    • Blessed are we to have such wide coverage of the daily propaganda.

      Is there a single newspaper (so-called) in Vermont that actually does in depth reporting? VT Digger does it fairly well, but not completely without bias. There’s always someone who feels the need to “influence”.

  2. I’m proud of all that attended the rally in Bennington. I attended the rally in So.Burlington.
    From what I received from the NRA, the rally in Montpelier is Wednesday April 11th at 2:00 and not the 14th. Now I’m confused for I thought it was the 14th.
    It’s great to see Vermonters standing up for their rights.

    • There is a protest on Wednesday the 11th at 2pm Be there at 1 30 during the governors sinning of the bills. The rally in support of Article 16th is Saturday the 14th

  3. Stand up Gun Owners , It’s Never to Late !!
    S.55, is the Liberals fix for what’s wrong in the world, well at least in there minds as that’s
    there agenda .

    Every law abiding gun owner, who have ever handled a gun be it your six or sixty understands
    the responsibility that’s is afforded to them under the Constitution ( respect )

    The problem with in these new Gun Bills is that very law abiding citizen understands that they
    will not solve any problems with the tragedies within our schools , as most know the problem
    lies within two groups those that are Mentally Deficient or Criminals !!

    The problem we have in Vermont is too many ” Flatlanders ” in the state house and from what I
    have seen in my sixty-six years …………….. Now that’s ” Mental Deficiency” !!

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