Is It Working Yet? – Week 2 of the ObamaCare Exchange

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom – Exchange Newsletter #13

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Vermont Health Connect Score Card: 5 Key Steps Necessary for 100,000 Vermonters To Be Insured By January 1, 2014

VHCF has identified five key steps that Vermont Health Connect must successfully complete, to ensure no lapse in coverage for the 100,000 Vermonters who must buy insurance through the Exchange by January 1, 2014. These fundamental steps must be in place for the Exchange to operate. Here is the update for Week 2.

Update – Week 2:

1. Maintain a secure and continuous connection to the Federal Data Hub

Score: F

VHC Refuses to Demonstrate

No Response Yet to Public Records Request

As reported last week, Vermonters For Health Care Freedom sent a public records request to DVHA Commissioner Mark Larson requesting copies of correspondence related to Vermont Health Connect’s secure and continuous connectivity to the federal data hub and the IRS. These connections are critical to ensure that Vermonters can enroll online and obtain federal subsidies they might qualify for, and to ensure the security of their personal information. To date we have not received a response. Given the requirements for response under Vermont’s public records law, we expect a response by the time we publish next week’s newsletter. We will keep you apprised.

2. Connect with and transfer records without issue or delay to the three insurance carriers, Blue Cross, MVP and Delta Dental

Score: F

Failed to meet scheduled software transfer tests including on October 4th

3. Share site information with Vermonters without delays or computer interruption issues

Score: D

Many businesses and individuals unable to sign in

Many brokers and navigators unable to sign in

Reported experiences in response to 10/7/13 Vermont Digger article, “State Resorts to Paper Forms for Health Exchange, But They’re Incomplete”

“Website still down”; “FAIL. Website forms are awful…no ‘shop around’ options before signing in…even when I worked through what I could, I was BOUNCED off the system”;

(Navigator says) “ …the training VHC was to give us hands on failed and we have only seen “screen shots” of the site, and the system isn’t working, and the paper applications don’t have all the fields, etc., etc. If you want Vermonters to have coverage in January then you either need to fix the system like yesterday or DELAY this!”

4. Vermonters able to create accounts and sign up for coverage

Score: D

State resorts to paper forms but they’re incomplete

Administration has capitulated on system readiness and has gone to paper applications.

Forms do not capture information for small businesses to enroll employees or to contribute to their health insurance

Employees can’t choose a plan or see what their employer is offering

5. Meet December 15th deadline so that 100,000 Vermonters won’t lose or have lapses in coverage

Score: F

State needs to sign up 1,500 people a day between now and December 15th

“Signing up” means a complete and correct application, connectivity to all federal portals, obtaining a correct subsidy amount, accurate interface with insurance carriers, carriers’ ability to couple federal subsidy payments with self-payments, carriers issuing a copy of the insurance policy and an enrollment card, and carriers ability to pay the first claim on January 1.

VHC is now sending a daily email blast to reporters on how many people visit the site and how many register an account. Registering an account only means picking a user name and password. As of Tuesday, 10/8, VHC says that although 3400 have “registered”, only 142 have completed the initial registration process and only 114 have selected a new health plan.

VHCF does not believe the Shumlin administration can pull this off. Every day that passes lessens the available time to enroll the 100,000 Vermonters who are now forced to get their coverage only through the Exchange. This did not have to happen,

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  1. So, just how far into the toilet will this state and nation go before folks wake up and realize they have been treated like mushroom ?!?!?

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