Itron/Lockheed Connection?

Angela Chagnon

by Angela Chagnon

True North Report’s June 17 article on the Burlington Electric Department’s open house contains a statement concerning Itron, a manufacturer of Smart Meters that will be providing the meters for Burlington. The statement is as follows:

“One of Itron’s partnersfor the Smart Grid project is the Lockheed Martin Corporation, which operates Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia is working with Vermont to implement Smart Grid/Smart Meters statewide (see previous story here)”

True North Reports has since received an e-mail from Tim Wolf, the Director of Consumer Outreach for Itron. Wolf objected to the Lockheed Martin connection and asked that True North Reports clarify or correct the statement.

The Lockheed connection emerged from several links on Itron’s own website:

· Lockheed Martin’ SEE Demand Response Management Solution has been integrated into Itron’s Smart Meter platform.



Wolf’s reply after reviewing the above links states:

Itron does have an agreement in place with LM [Lockheed Martin] to integrate with distribution software product of theirs if the utility customer (and I use that term generically) is looking for that. And this is one of dozens of agreements/ partnerships Itron has in place with many different companies serving utilities.

But I still think saying that Itron is partnered with LM for this smart grid project is inaccurate. LM is simply not involved in this project in Burlington at all.

Wolf also asserts that “Itron is working only with BED and is not a supplier to any of the other utilities in the Vermont [Smart Grid] project.”