Jeremy Dodge evens up the odds

by Robert Maynard

A previous TNR post referred to the prospect of Governor Shumlin being represnted by one of the top lawyers in the state in revisiting the real esate transaction with Jeremy Dodge, while Dodge was supposedly to be represented by Vermont Legal Aid, as a “David vs. Goliath” legal battle.  It now appears that Dodge’s side has evened up the odds with the help of another high profile lawyer.  Peter Hirshfeld of the Vermont Press Bureau has the story.  Here is an excerpt:

Brady Toensing, the man who defended former Republican candidate for governor Brian Dubie against alleged campaign finance violations, was retained last night by jilted East Montpelier landowner Jeremy Dodge.

Toensing this morning offered this brief statement.:

“Mr. Dodge has been dealing with a sophisticated and shrewd businessman, a businessman who is also the most powerful person in Vermont, represented by one of the best lawyers money can buy,” Toening said. “Mr. Dodge clearly needed some help, and we welcome the opportunity to assist a fellow Vermonter.”

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Dodge evens up the odds

  1. The cavalry has finally arrived for Jeremy Dodge. Am curious: Is Brady Toensing the son of Victoria Toensing, prominent Washington atty? In any event, thanks for helping, God speed.

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