“Kill Bill” Vote Coming in Vermont House

by Vermont Right To Life

Call the State House today to leave a message for your Representative(s) “Please Vote NO on S.77”

Call the Sergeant-at-Arms office at 802-828-2228 to leave a message for your Representative(s). You will need to give the name(s) of your Representative(s), your name, town, and phone number, and the message “Please vote NO on S.77”. Even if you have contacted your Representative(s) before, please do so again. It may be difficult to get through, but keep trying.

To find the names of your Representative(s), click here.

We are unsure at this time when the vote will be, so call Friday if you can. The Legislature is trying to finish up their work, and may hold a Saturday session to try to complete their business. But, the session may extend into next week. We will keep you updated.

Please keep an eye on your email tomorrow throughout the day as we will be sending special alerts to those in certain key districts where we need to get a legislator to change their vote.

The “compromise” is poorly crafted and very bad public policy. As one legislator told vtdigger: “I wouldn’t call it a compromise,” [Rep. Anne] Donahue said. “I would call it sort of taking the worst of both worlds and gluing them together in a strange hodgepodge.”

You can read the full vtdigger article here.

And keep praying.