Kurt Concedes Burlington’s Mayoral Race

By Kevin Joseph Ryan

With Ward 4 yet to report, Republican Kurt Wright has conceded the Burlington Mayor race to Democrat Miro Weinberger.

Here are the results thus far:

Ward 1: 233 Kurt Wright   602 Miro Weinberger   49  Wanda Hines

Ward 2: 174 Kurt Wright   574 Miro Weinberger   119 Wanda Hines
Ward 3: 313 Kurt Wright   846 Miro Weinberger   140 Wanda Hines
Ward 4: Not reported yet
Ward 5: 520 Kurt Wright  1153 Miro Weinberger  61  Wanda Hines
Ward 6: 896 Kurt Wright   868 Miro Weinberger  36 Wanda Hines
Ward 7: 997 Kurt Wright   808 Miro Weinberger  57 Wanda Hines

One thought on “Kurt Concedes Burlington’s Mayoral Race

  1. Burlington is not going to get better without Kurt Wright What are you voters thinking about ?? Downtown has been terrible for a while now there is no chance for a better environment without Kurt leading this city It is a sad night Kurt I cannot believe this. It is also a very bad night for Burlington not just for people that live here but businesses will continue to leave the downtown area I for one am sick of seeing people of all ages hanging out on Church St smoking begging for money especially with little babies in strollers while their parents blow smoke in their face!!!!! Come on people its all downhill now. Kurt You were by far the best person to take charge of Burlington

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