Leading European nations bailing on climate change agenda

by Robert Maynard

It looks like key European nations are having second thoughts about sacrificing economic growth to an increasingly discredited global warming agenda.  Here are a few excerpts from various European publications:

Britain is negotiating a secret deal to help to shield Germany’s luxury car industry from new European climate rules in return for support for UK bankers. Downing Street officials and their counterparts in Berlin held discussions after Germany sought help to delay the introduction of caps on carbon dioxide emissions that could harm BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. —Ben Webster and Sam Coates, The Times, 12 October 2013

Ministers are urged to initiate an immediate review of Britain’s entire green energy strategy or risk forcing household gas and electricity bills up every year for the rest of the decade. The chief executive of the energy giant added that SSE would be stopping all investment in offshore wind and new power plants until the 2015 election because of the acute political uncertainty around energy since Ed Miliband promised a price freeze if Labour wins power. –Steve Hawkes, The Daily Telegraph, 10 October 2013

Britain’s coalition government was riven by bitter infighting over green taxes last night after David Cameron ordered a review to stem the rise in energy bills. Green taxes have been blamed for pushing energy prices to record levels, but the Prime Minister’s intervention met fierce opposition from the Lib Dems. They insist the Government’s green energy targets are sacred. ‘The Tories can say what they want, but we will not back down on this,’ a Lib Dem source said last night. –Jason Groves, Daily Mail, 12 October 2013