Legislative Session Blunts Hope for Shared Prosperity I

Budget grows faster than economy,

Subsidies will boost electric rates,

Health care a risky bet

by Campaign for Vermont

Montpelier (May 1, 2012) – Campaign for Vermont Founder Bruce Lisman announced a new radio advertisement today putting a spotlight on the fiscal consequences of this 2012 legislative session.

“In January of this year, Campaign for Vermont applauded Governor Peter Shumlin’s commitment to taking care of Vermonters but voiced concern for the lack of fiscal constraint in his state budget,” explained Lisman.

“Governor Shumlin’s proposed overall increase of near 6% and general fund increase of 5.5% are fiscally risky ventures. These increases, on top of a 15% increase over the past 4 years, will come back to haunt Vermont’s taxpayers.

“Together the Administration and legislature have led us down three risky paths ; a new health care system of unknown costs, increased electricity costs to pay subsidies for more expensive alternative energy, and their continued abdication of the leadership necessary to enact education finance reforms that protect property taxpayers. Moderation has not been highly valued this legislative session,” Lisman said.

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Campaign for Vermont was formed in September 2011 by Founding Officers Bruce Lisman, Mary Alice McKenzie and Tom Pelham; 22 Founding Partners from across Vermont joined them for the official campaign launch on November 21, 2011. Campaign for Vermont is about putting progress ahead of partisanship. For more information visit: www.CampaignForVermont.org Campaign for Vermont’s goal is to unite Vermonters, from a broad spectrum of political views, to build momentum for setting a new direction for Vermont.

2 thoughts on “Legislative Session Blunts Hope for Shared Prosperity I

  1. While increasing the General Fund by 5.5%, Gov. Shumlin withheld the usual $27M transfer of funds to the Education Fund and demanded that school boards level fund their budgets for the coming fiscal year. By eliminating the transfer and by placing an impossible burden on school boards, there will be a necessary increase of 2-cent per $100 tax rate on the evaluation of all properties and Shumlin is blaming it the school boards rather than shouldering the responsibility on his own (and the General Assembly leadership) for using the $27M for other purposes. Unfortunately we have had to come to the realization that our so-called leaders are exercising capricious and erratic, to say nothing of self-serving, budgeting decisions which are not in the best interests of most Vermont residents and we shall all end up paying the price.

  2. This is so true, and Vermonters will only wake up when they cannot pay for gasoline, but will have to spend it on food, clothing, and everyday expenses.

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