Legislative weekly preview

by Rob Roper

This being the last week before the Town Meeting Day legislative break, it’s a mixed batch down at the State House. Some committees look as if they’ve finished up their work and are waiting for bills to come over from the other body. Others look like they’ll be passing out the Red Bull to get everything out before the crossover deadline.

Most of the action will be taking place on the floor, the schedule for which is set only a day in advance, so for this week’s committee summary, I thought I’d go through the list of bills that are coming up for a vote, most of which have been outlined in past Weekly Preview posts.

In the House…

Natural Resources will be voting on H. 485 – An act relating to establishing universal recycling of solid waste.

Government Operations will render verdict on H. 524 – An act relating to the regulation of professions and occupations, H. 473 – An act relating to the confidentiality of pension records of a retired state employee, and Sec. E.514 Teachers’ Retirement System.

In the Senate…

The Education Committee will vote on S. 121 – An act relating to the higher education endowment trust fund, and S. 233 – An act relating to gradually increasing the mandatory age of school attendance.

The Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee will vote on S. 143 – An act relating to disclosing building energy performance and promoting thermal energy efficiency.

Senate Finance will vote on S. 106 – An act relating to miscellaneous changes to municipal government law.

In the Senate Committee on Economic Development Housing and General Affairs, pass the Red Bull! They’ll be voting on a number of bills pertaining to labor matters, including, http://leg.state.vt.us/database/status/textonly.cfm?Bill=S.0131&Session=2012, S. 136 – An act relating to vocational rehabilitation, S. 146 – An act relating to the definition of independent contractor, S. 161 – An act relating to workers’ compensation insurance, S. 169 – An act relating to workers’ compensation liens, S. 137 – An act relating to workers’ compensation and unemployment, and S. 52 – An act relating to workplace bullying.

Other activity worth noting, on Wednesday the Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a day of hearings on S. 238 – An act relating to establishing the Vermont farm guest worker program.  This bill proposes to create a farm guest worker program to enable noncitizens and nonpermanent residents to establish residency, identification, and work authorization on Vermont farms.

And… H.559, the infamous Act relating to healthcare reform implementation, lands in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Here we go again, folks!