Lesbian, gay and transgender students feel depressed in ‘open and accepting’ Vermont

This article by Patricia LeBoeuf originally appeared June 4 in the Bennington Banner.

A majority of Vermont high school students feel like they matter to their communities. But they’re much less likely to feel this way if they are LGBT, according to the 2017 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

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Despite living in a robust culture of gay pride and gender-free bathrooms, LGBT teens in Vermont report having serious mental and emotional health concerns relative to their peers.

“That concerns me,” said Maryann Morris, executive director of the Collaborative, a substance use prevention organization based in Londonderry. “We’re perceived as being this state that’s really open, and accepting — woke, to use the current term. But [these students are] still, at this young age, not feeling this connection.”

The Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey is a national school-based survey that monitors health-risk behaviors among youth and young adults.

Only 39 percent of surveyed LGBT high school students reported feeling like they matter to people in their community, versus 64 percent of heterosexual or cisgender students — those whose gender identity corresponds with the sex they were assigned at birth.

The survey is conducted every two years. In Vermont, the Department of Health works with the Agency of Education and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to conduct two separate surveys: one of high school students in grades 9 through 12, and one of middle school students in grades 6 through 8.

Overall, 20,653 high school students, representing 69 schools, and 13,887 Vermont middle school students, representing 122 schools, took the survey.

According to survey results, LGBT high school students are also significantly more likely than heterosexual or cisgender students to feel sad or hopeless, have safety concerns at school, experience bullying within the last month, or be forced to have sexual intercourse.

LGBT students were also four times more likely to have attempted suicide or hurt themselves on purpose in the past year.

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7 thoughts on “Lesbian, gay and transgender students feel depressed in ‘open and accepting’ Vermont

  1. Looks like the comments above prove the writer’s point. Vermont is accepting on the surface, but still waters run deep.

    “Old” Vermonters mostly don’t care what people do, they mind their own business, and are very accepting. The generation after them (60-70s) is more prejudiced.

    Hopefully, as this generation enters into senility, hope will remain for the generation behind them, who, like their grandparents are much more accepting.

  2. Could it be their underlying Mental Problems are not being addressed?? Just giving anybody medications so parents & teachers dont have to deal with them properly, never-mind our Schools even in Vermont being turned into Tax Payer funded anti-American Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, Communist indoctrination centers is serious enough, but I believe on its own the amount of medications kids are taking these days is creating serious problems. So called anti depressants & anti anxiety medications are just numbing kids/people with major problems to life. All these people are being turned into for the lack of a better word “pharmaceutical Zombies”, which is making pharmaceuticals very rich, but we as America are ending up with a new generation in trouble, & in combination with todays schools, safe spaces, & crying closets, are becoming dumbed down zombies incapable of critical thinking, independent thought, ability to research information to decipher facts from the lies & hypocrisy on the left. Kids nowadays aren’t even learning the basic abilities like math, reading, writing, & even cooking or sewing isn’t being taught to my knowledge. Many of the loyal sheeple on the left dont even have fact based arguments to go along with why I have to change my views & stop questioning the Liberal Leftists disgusting divisive hateful ideologies and parties. Stop babying them & teach them to be morally respectable & honorable adults, make them get a job, take away devices, be Parents & quality Educators whom leave their ideology & opinions at home! Help these kids if they are crying out for help especially the ones that want help/ need help, but dont know how to ask for it, because the adults around can see!!

  3. Nature dictates that there are males and females. Nature dictates that only a male and a female can produce offspring. Anything else is unacceptable in nature.

  4. Who cares what the LGBT freaks think? This is a non-issue. Do you think they care when we normal people are depressed??

  5. News flash, ask any pharmacist that has worked in Vermont and pretty much any other state, they will tell you the amount of anti depressants they dispense far exceeds just about any other state bar Alaska.

  6. Lesbian, gay and transgender students feel depressed in ‘open and accepting’ Vermont !!

    Just look at the photo in this article, these clowns want to be taken seriously about their
    agenda ……. All people are doing is laughing at them, when doing these types of protest.

    If you want to be respected, you have to earn it and this isn’t doing it !!

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