Letter 9 – 14 – 2011

Obamacare killing the “green shoots” 

Heretage reported this week that national job loss went from 841,000 in Jan of 2010 to a gain of 229,000 in April of 2010. It looked as if a recovery was on its way. Then they passed Obamacare and jobs declined the following month to 6,500 and now to zero. It seemed they sabotaged their own recovery. Vermont State might learn from this.

— C. B. (Via the Blog)



Shumlin’s anti-non-Vermont business ownership is selective

I wish to offer some comments regarding Vermont Yankee.

Governor Shumlin continually berates Vermont Yankee because it is not owned by a Vermont Company. In today’s world very few large companies are locally owned. The major employers in Vermont, General Electric and IBM are not Vermont companies. Today, even Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is owned by Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch (not American) company.

In the energy arena, most of Vermont’s electrical companies are owned by Canadian masters. Governor Shumlin seems perfectly happy with Canadian ownership. Apparently the governor does not remember the oil crisis of the late 70s which was the result of foreign control of our oil supply and left most of us in long lines to get gas.

I do remember the oil crisis. I believe we as a country and as a region need to achieve energy independence. Although our Canadian cousins are very interested in selling electricity to Vermont, I am sure that they will put their own interests first if there is ever a need to choose. For this reason, I believe Vermont Yankee is a critical resource for Vermont and the entire New England region.

I am an engineer at Vermont Yankee and have been associated with the plant for 32 years. The entire staff at Vermont Yankee is dedicated to safe operation. We insure that any issue which arises at the plant is quickly and effective resolved. We have been evaluated by organizations recognized worldwide as experts, which have repeatedly shown Vermont Yankee as a very strong performer.

Richard G. January



Constitution Day Celebration in St. Albans

Saturday, September 17, 2011

10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Taylor Park, St. Albans

Let’s join together on September 17th, as Americans united, to celebrate our U.S. Constitution and its immeasurable value to us as citizens of the United States. It is time to restore American patriotism and unity.

Why celebrate? On September 17th, 1787, our U.S. Constitution was ratified in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The U.S. Constitution, a unique document among nations, guarantees and protects our rights as individuals and as a sovereign nation. Every elected official takes an oath to protect the Constitution and defend those rights.

This event is sponsored by ACWA, American Conservative Women in Action of Franklin County. ACWA’s mission is to preserve and protect our Constitution and our freedoms for future generations – our children and grandchildren.

Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you and your family at this patriotic event in Franklin County.



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