Letter and Events 4 – 5 – 2013

Vermont Yankee and affordable power

I am for affordable power and Vermont Yankee seems to be part of that, at least for the foreseeable future.

I write as a commercial property owner considering how a rise in electric rates, such as might happen if Vermont Yankee is taken out of the grid, would affect property values. I manage the purchase of over $30,000 worth of electricity a year for properties, and I track the numbers pretty well.··

And it boils down to this:·if the cost of the kilowatt that I’m buying goes up one cent, my property value goes down 1 percent.·

If that’s true for my property value, and I’m using industry standard calculations, then if this happens to Vermont and we go up one cent on the cost of a kilowatt for commercial value, which is 15 percent of the grand list in Vermont; $8.8 billion in property, it translates to a loss of $87 million in property value and that equates to a loss of approximately $2.2 million in yearly tax revenue.

This is in addition to the roughly $6 million extra in energy costs that would be charged to commercial property owners or to their tenants. This acts as a hidden tax and definitely does not have a positive effect on the economic or business climate, and certainly not on attempts to reinvest or to reuse capital in the commercial property market.

Craig Bensen
184 N. Main St.
Cambridge, VT 05444




KCarl Smith “The Liberty Messenger” to visit Vermont with Events on April 6-7

Movie Screening: “Runaway Slave”, April 6, 6:00 – 8:30 pm at the Essex Grange Hall.

Training Session: “Effectively Communicating the Principles of Freedom…”, April 7, 12:30 – 4:00 pm (Includes luncheon and book signing) at the Country Club of Vermont, Waterbury.

For more information you can contact Pat Crocker at (802) 363-5442

KCarl Smith is a staunch advocate for Liberty. He is an expert on the Life of Frederick Douglass who was a fugitive slave who educated himself, advocated for emancipation, defended the US Constitution, became a free man, and lived the American dream. At the time of his death at the age of 77, he had a family, his own home, his own business, and was worth $300,000!

KCarl believes that the message of Liberty delivered by Frederick Douglass provides the message we need to effectively communicate the importance of Liberty and counteract the progressive propaganda heard on a regular basis in the media and from our liberal friends. He has developed a training program that has demonstrated a 90% effectiveness rate in persuading those entrenched in the progressive statist ideology to consider the alternative…LIBERTY!

KCarl spoke at CPAC a few weeks ago and delivered his message to a standing room audience! His training is highly sought out by numerous conservative groups. He is going to be featured on Glen Beck’s TV show this Tuesday. In addition, he was featured in C.L. Bryant’s blockbuster movie, “Runaway Slave”. He recently authored the book, “Frederick Douglass Republicans: Reigniting America’s Passion for Liberty.

Note: KCarl Smith will be a guest on EAI’s Common Sense Radio, Monday, April 8, 11-noon on WDEV AM 550, FM 96.1.


Saturday April 6thCastleton Republicans Spring Breakfast and meeting at the Trak-In

Route 30 North in Bomoseen, 8:30 am.  Guest speakers Senator Joe Benning and Rep. Heidi Scheuermann. Please RSVP to: