Letters 01 – 04 – 2012

One Goal – Economic Growth 

Ten years ago I submitted an opinion editorial discussing the need to confront a serious paradox: the need for jobs but the lack of encouragement for job creators. I can’t believe what I said then remains relevant today.

Perhaps without knowing it, but in countless ways, Vermonters in sufficient numbers to control the agenda of the State have taken us in a direction that is contrary to economic growth, job creation and economic prosperity.

We must change the agenda of State government now. We must increase our tax receipts – not with higher tax rates but with more economic activity to generate more tax revenues. We must focus on education financing and prioritize who we are educating and why we are educating them. We should re-evaluate the role of government and strive for what is reasonable, not what is theoretically perfect. We must address our public infrastructure to include transportation, electricity, water and telecommunications. We should ensure all citizens have some skin in the game. And we should ensure that the high standards of our environmental ethic continue to be achieved but not to the detriment of pragmatic outcomes.

We must recognize that for every cause, there is an effect. When business is blocked, it goes elsewhere. When job creators are prevented from growing, workers disappear. When entrepreneurship is not rewarded, others states reap those benefits.

What are Vermont’s economic development goals? For too long we have been governed by a strategy which has the unintended, but inevitable, consequence of economic stagnation, loss of jobs and less hope for the well-being of our citizens.

My compliments go out to the Founders of Campaign for Vermont; they send the right message at the right time. I would encourage Vermonters to join with them to send a message to our politicians to head in a new direction. Go to www.CampaignForVermont.org and sign up to day.

– James Pizzagalli


Events & Notes

Health Care Listening Sessions – The Agency of Administration is hosting four listening sessions across Vermont to help inform the design of future health care reform financing plans. These sessions will include presentations on the challenges facing Vermont’s health care system, how health care is financed currently in Vermont, and an overview of Vermont’s revenue system. The general public is encouraged to attend.

TBA: Northeast Kingdom, location to be determined, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Contact: Please contact Michael Costa, Special Counsel, Vermont Department of Taxes at (802) 828-0141 or Michael.Costa@state.vt.us.

Saturday, Jan 7: Castleton Republican Party Quarterly Breakfast Gathering, 8:30 am at the Trak-In Restaurant, Route 30 North, Bomoseen. RSVP by Jan. 4, 2012 for reservations. Email to: castletonrepublicans@yahoo.com or call Gary Turgeon at 802-265-2237 or Al Gustafson 802-273-3954.

Thursday, Jan 12: The Shelburne-Charlotte Republican Town Committee is hosting Don Turner, House Minority Leader, at its monthly breakfast meeting at the Dutch Mill Restaurant, Shelburne, at 7:30 AM. Rep. Turner will address upcoming budget issues and his ideas on how to make Vermont Affordable for Vermonters. Everyone is welcome.

Friday, Jan 13: Stowe Republican Party Breakfast Club, 7:30am-8:30am at Ten Acres Lodge. Socialize, learn and expand your network with fellow Republicans. The more, the merrier, so feel free to invite interested people. Please let me know if you are coming so I can plan for breakfast. Contact Susie Connerty, 802-253-2140.


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