Letters 01 – 20 – 2012

Good news from Judge Murtha! 

The news of Judge Murtha’s decision rings for truth and justice throughout Vermont; the bells are ringing in Windham County tonight. Hundreds of hard working, skilled and dedicated employees are now able to continue working and keep their jobs to provide for their families. The IBEW Local #300 and other highly skilled employees who work at Vermont Yankee place the highest emphasis on safety to ensure the facility is safe for all who work and live in the area. If members of the IBEW had any doubt about VT Yankee’s safety, they would be the first to blow the whistle. I congratulate the employees of VT Yankee for standing tall and keeping their faith over the past two years. The law has prevailed, not the law makers.”

Thank you,

Jeffery Wimette

Business Manager, IBEW Local #300


Vermont Energy Partnership Comments on Vermont Yankee Court Decision

Montpelier, VT/January 19, 2012 – In conjunction with U.S. District Court Judge J. Garvan Murtha’s decision today on the legal dispute between Entergy Corporation and the Shumlin Administration, Brad Ferland, President of the Vermont Energy Partnership issued the following statement.

“This is an important and well-reasoned decision that merits the attention of all policy makers. Vermont Yankee is a safe facility which provides important economic and environmental benefits to Vermont. The judge’s decision is good news for Vermont.

We hope today’s ruling will be the basis for fresh thinking and reflection on the very positive role the plant can and should play in the state’s future. We encourage policy makers to pursue this course instead of protracted, expensive, divisive legal battles.”

– Vermont Energy Partnership



Doctor Prescribed Death is ripe for abuse

As members of the State Legislature prepare to study the “doctor prescribed death” bill, they would do well to critically evaluate whether the state has the ability to protect terminally ill Vermonters from manipulation, exploitation and coercion under an act promoted in the name of compassion.

One specific, timely and highly relevant illustration of a major regulatory failure can be found in connection with the state’s duty to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. In early December, 2011 a disabilities rights group filed a suit against the State of Vermont because of its failure to protect disabled and elderly and otherwise vulnerable citizens of this state. This is not a trivial problem. The backlog has been running in the order of 300 cases yet to be investigated. The abuse and exploitation alleged ranges from financial manipulation and exploitation to physical and even sexual abuse! And sadly, much of that neglect and abuse is done by very family members and those others charged with the care of the vulnerable adults.

It is blatantly absurd to suggest that the State of Vermont is competent to effectively manage a program that oversees doctor prescribed death when it cannot even investigate and clear a backlog of 300 reported cases of abuse of the disabled and elderly, let alone prevent the abuse in the first place!

Assisted suicide is laden with the potential for manipulation and exploitation of the worst kind – i.e. exploitation and manipulation with fatal consequences.

– Pete Gummere


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