Letters 01 – 24 – 2012

Blueprint for Health was a bipartisan initiative 

It is very important to remember that the Blueprint Quality Care Initiative was never intended to save anyone money and was a bipartisan effort. This is one of Gov. Jim Douglas’ proudest accomplishments and it was a concrete starting point for a single payer system in VT. Why? Because it set the stage to provide the data for a false “need” under the guise of healthcare quality…which we’ve always had copious amounts of in VT.

– Kritsten Solstrom (via the Blog)



Healthcare “reform” the cause of exploding heads

I think my head is about to explode! Any rational person (read: not a politician) would put the brakes on this “plan”. It is incredible, and very disappointing, that the Shumlin administration has been able to push this thing through and keep it in play. It was brilliant to pass a law that allows them to waste more taxpayer dollars just to come up with a plan. There is nothing in the law that says if they can’t achieve certain goals, if the law is rescinded – Shumlin has only said this and there is nothing to keep him to his promise – and we all know the worth of a politician’s promise.

– Rachel Williams (via the Blog)


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