Letters – 01 – 25 – 2012

Support for the Constitution, and opposition to Gaz Metro 

Honor the Supreme Court decision which primarily balances the scale with unions that for years have “spoken” with billions of dollars’ worth of advertisements in support of candidates of their choosing.

That is money speaking. It is the same for businesses now that the Supreme Court has spoken. We now have a fair process that allows everyone the free speech protected by the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Businesses , like unions, represent individual workers.

Art “speaks” only when an artist applies a brush and paint to an otherwise empty canvas, as money “speaks” when an advertisement is created, or when a labor union uses worker’s dues to create ads.

On another note, please do your best to make sure that the Public Service Board does not allow Gaz Metro of Canada to gain ownership and a monopoly over the rest of Vermont’s electric utilities. That would not be in the best interest of Vermont’s homeowners and businesses . Where would the price negotiating power be to reduce electricity prices? We would be vulnerable as a state. Let’s particularly keep Velco’s transmission lines in Vermont’s hands. Velco is a cash cow! Please do what is best for your constituents pocketbooks. It boggles the mind that Vermont’s legislature seems to have goals that are not those of the citizens. There is no turning back once the damage is done!

– Linda Kirker, former State Representative from Essex Junction


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