Letters 01 – 27 – 2012

Kudos for coverage of corporate personhood resolution issue 

I just want to offer my congratulations to you and the staff at True North. These days, it’s easy to slip into an attitude and voice of cynicism when discussing political issues from a conservative perspective. With each “True North Report” I read, I see real issues, valid questions, and sometimes solutions-without the rancor. The article in the most recent newsletter, “Constitutional amendment would open ‘can of worms'” brings some real clarity to an issue that is tough for many to articulate.

Thank you for your work.

– Ron Lawrence


More kudos for corporate personhood coverage

I’ve only been marginally following the movement to introduce legislation stating corporations are not people and not protected by the Constitution. I found this write-up of a hearing on such an effort in Vermont useful, laying out the unintended consequences of such efforts. Good job, Rob Roper.

– Libby Sternberg (via Facebook)


Call for Testimony on Health Care Bill

There is a meeting on Feb 1 from 4:30 pm until 7:00 pm at the Statehouse to give businesses and interested parties an opportunity to testify on this year’s Health Care Bill H-559. If you would be interested in letting the Legislative Health Care Committee and Senate Health and Welfare Committee know your thoughts on the Health Care bill please let me know or just show up on Feb. 1 to room 11 of the State House.

– Representative Jim Eckhardt



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