Letters 02 – 03 – 2012

Illegals should not vote in Burlington 

Keep illegal aliens out of Burlington! If they want to live here they can become citizens just like everybody else. We need to secure our borders and follow our constitution!

– Pat Crocker (via the blog)



We’re facing a real risk of doctor shortages

Advocates of govt control of medicine assumed, incorrectly, that they could set up the pay-for-producers-at-less-than-cost as they have done for ag, and now it’s turning out that the doc’s are more uppity than the farmers. That’s why there’s been a ‘doc-fix’, a year-by-year extension of the deadline for cutting MD reimbursement, for a dozen years and counting. The potential for a real MD shortage is quite real, much more so than the potential for farmer quits, which has been dealt with by the on-going search for just enough subsidy to encourage continued production. Even so, most farmers, large to small, run operations at negative Returns-on-Investment, and most also depend on off-farm jobs for the majority of the farm household income, both conditions which MD’s are showing themselves to be unwilling to accept.

– Martin Harris



Notes & Events

Sat. February 4th: The Green Mountain Patriots meet at the Grange Hall in Essex (116 center rd, next to Frank’s motorcycles by the intersection of rt. 15 and 128).

Wed. February 8th: The Central Vermont Tea Party meets at the Sharon Elementary School at 7 pm. Guest speakers, policy discussions, discussion of GOP presidential candidates. All welcome.

Fri. February 10th: The Stowe Republican Town Committee will meet at the Ten Acres Lodge for their monthly breakfast. Main topic of discussion will be preparation for the Feb 15th health care forum. All welcome to attend.

Sat. February 18th: “Green Mountain Care: what every Vermonter should know” will be presented at 10 am at the Wells Village School on Route 30.” The event is free and the general public is encouraged to attend this event regarding the impacts of Vermont’s health care law, Act 48. The educational event is hosted by the Wells Republican Committee. Guest speakers for the event will be State Senator Randy Brock, Rutland area physician Daniel McCauliffe, MD, and Rutland Treasurer Wendy Wilton.


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