Letters 02 – 17 – 2012

Yankee ruling good for Vermont 

Judge Garvan Murtha’s recent ruling in the Vermont Yankee case was fair and based on fact and federal law. Following the ruling, Entergy announced that it would seek a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) from the Vermont Public Service Board to continue operating. The CPG is based on 10 specific criteria, including economic benefit, regional development, and demand for the service. Vermont Yankee clearly meets these requirements.

Vermont Yankee is a reliable producer of about one-third of Vermont’s energy supply. In a June 2011 press release, ISO – New England, the operator of the New England electric grid, said that VY is needed to support the grid’s ability to reliably meet demand in Vermont, southern New Hampshire, and portions of Massachusetts, as well as helping balance the entire region’s power system.

It is fact that Vermont Yankee makes a positive contribution to the area. VY provides $6.3 million in annual local and state taxes, and over $100 million is infused into the local economy through payroll, taxes, and purchases of goods and services from local businesses. Vermont Yankee provides more than 600 local, well paid, full-time jobs, and over 1000 temporary jobs during refueling outages.

Vermont Yankee meets the criteria to be issued a Certificate of Public Good and should be utilized to continue to support renewables, the New England electric grid, and be a benefit to our local economy.

– Richard January


Kudos for “Act 60 on steroids for healthcare.”

Brilliant article! Thank you.

– Kristin Sohlstrom



Notes & Events

Sat. February 18th: “Green Mountain Care: what every Vermonter should know” will be presented at 10 am at the Wells Village School on Route 30.” The event is free and the general public is encouraged to attend this event regarding the impacts of Vermont’s health care law, Act 48. The educational event is hosted by the Wells Republican Committee. Guest speakers for the event will be State Senator Randy Brock, Rutland area physician Daniel McCauliffe, MD, and Rutland Treasurer Wendy Wilton.


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