Letters 02 – 21 – 2012

The President knows best — NOT 

Barak Obama ran for President to transform America. We know that means he knows what’s best for us and it’s reflected in health care, energy, prayer, banking, defense, transportation and now charitable giving.

In 2010, Obama requested and received an appropriation for ~ $100M to establish a Social Innovation Fund (SIF). Nobody questioned the Fund’s mission. To qualify for SIF taxpayer money organizations must meet government guidelines and require private donations to match SIF grants. So far, grants have gone to affordable housing, homelessness, aids, obesity, and early education but foundations that promote healthy marriages and teenage sexual abstinence aren’t on their laundry list.

The President thinks government can more wisely direct dollars than the private sector. Look at Solyndra where government invested $500 million taxpayer dollars in a failed solar-power firm or the failed Chevy Volt that’s costing taxpayer’s $3 billion.

President Obama has proposed to limit the value of charitable deductions for those earning over $250,000 a year. This move will restrict donations to potentially higher and better uses.

By decreasing the value of private donations using the tax code and increasing government’s influence though a select government philanthropy, new programs will be overlooked in favor of partisan ones. Even more important, social safety ideas, which may be contrary to a politically correct agenda but could be a better way to act on a social problem, will be stifled.

“The President knows best” as an ideology, is similar to what Chavez is forcing on the Venezuelan people. We get what we accept.

– Frank Mazur


More Kudos for True North Reports

Rob and Lindsay – Kudos to you. We will never see this in the mainstream media. Thanks especially for the video of Bob Gaydos. I’ve send this on to as many Vermonters as I could from my address book.

– Carol Frenier



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