Letters 02 – 28 – 2012

Kudos for TNR 

Wow, Great article on Health Care! Making the complex simple.

– Steve Cable


Legislature won’t face inconvenient truths about healthcare

Amazing insight into what will happen once single-payer comes. More users will lead to more demand, which will lead to more cost, which will lead to lower imbursement rates, which will lead to doctors leaving and hospitals closing–or curtaling their services. The only challenge is to now get the Vermont Legislature to pay attention to those who have actual knowledge and insight into the unintended consequences of going down this path. With that being said, don’t expect the Legislature to pay attention to guys like Dr. Minsinger–because his conclusions would be too inconvenient.

– Jesse Ingalls



Notes & Events

Thursday, March 8, The St. Michael’s College Conservatives are joining with the Vermont John Birch Society to present “Agenda 21 – A Radical Environmentalist Threat to Your Rights.” The featured speaker is Mr. Henry Lampman. 7 – 9 pm, St. Michael’s College, McCarthy Recital Hall.

Saturday, March 17, Rally in Support of Vermont Yankee at the plant gate from 5:00-6:30 pm. This is St Patrick’s Day, so we will work this into our plans. We will have some signs, but please feel free to think about making your own signs, For example: “Celebrating GREEN power on St. Patrick’s Day!” For more information, please contact Howard Shaffer, 603-304-9157 or hshaffer3@myfairpoint.net.

Thursday, March 23, Vermonters for Economic Health presents: “A Tale of Two Futures” by Robert Maynard and Tom Licata. The event will involve and examination of Vermont’s economic future and will be held at 6-30-8:00 pm a the Grange Hall in Essex. (116 Center Road, Essex Junction, Vermont Next to Frank’s Motorcycles)


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