Letters 03 – 02 – 2012

Party leaders out of touch? 

It is my hope that the leadership of the Vermont Democratic Party is out of touch with those Vermonters that chose to align themselves with the party. I cannot accept that fair minded Democrats would take such extremely undemocratic action of trying to chill the exercise of free speech, as did the party staff against Campaign for Vermont and Bruce Lisman.

Campaign for Vermont is intent upon moving conversations away form extreme party rhetoric and helping to focus discussions, then actions, that will achieve Vermont jobs and economic prosperity.

Vermont is a beautiful state, but with tremendous handicaps in our path to economic success. Having owned businesses in Vermont, I have experienced many of these: the high cost of producing any “widget” here, the regulatory hurtles, a ready and properly trained work-force and the severe tax burden if you manage to win all these challenges and are actually profitable. These difficulties must be clearly understood by all parties involved for us to have a chance of finding solutions. We need to mitigate our handicaps in order to compete in attracting job creators that will want to build their businesses in our state.

Campaign for Vermont is not about making any individual, or political party, successful. It is about making Vermont successful.

– John Powell


Campaign for Vermont holds politicians accountable: They don’t seem to like it!

The Vermont Democratic Party held a press conference last week laying claims against Campaign for Vermont. Why? Maybe, because political leaders are threatened by the message – Campaign for Vermont calls on Montpelier to make common-sense fact based policy decisions, allow all Vermonters to participate in a non-partisan debate, and ensure the policies will create shared prosperity for all Vermonters.

Campaign for Vermont doesn’t want to replace the decision-makers in Montpelier, but wants politicians to focus on and prioritize job growth, create a new form of government so that Vermonters know where and how well their (our) money is being spent. Until they do, Vermonters will gladly hold their feet to the fire and if that means we feel some of the heat too, then so be it.

– Dan & Amy Feeney




Notes & Events

Thursday, March 8, The St. Michael’s College Conservatives are joining with the Vermont John Birch Society to present “Agenda 21 – A Radical Environmentalist Threat to Your Rights.” The featured speaker is Mr. Henry Lampman. 7 – 9 pm, St. Michael’s College, McCarthy Recital Hall.

Saturday, March 17, Rally in Support of Vermont Yankee at the plant gate from 5:00-6:30 pm. This is St Patrick’s Day, so we will work this into our plans. We will have some signs, but please feel free to think about making your own signs, For example: “Celebrating GREEN power on St. Patrick’s Day!” For more information, please contact Howard Shaffer, 603-304-9157 or hshaffer3@myfairpoint.net.

Thursday, March 22, Vermonters for Economic Health presents: “A Tale of Two Futures” by Robert Maynard and Tom Licata. The event will involve and examination of Vermont’s economic future and will be held at 6-30-8:00 pm a the Grange Hall in Essex. (116 Center Road, Essex Junction, Vermont Next to Frank’s Motorcycles)