Letters 03 – 15 – 2012

Poor coverage of Vermont Yankee is disappointing 

I was sorely disappointed with CNN’s Vermont Yankee coverage in their recent episode of CNN Presents. CNN made many factual errors. Their segment lacked any scientific pro-nuclear opinion and failed to provide balanced reporting.

The CNN reporter stated that a majority of Vermonters wanted VY closed, as she stood in front of graffiti in downtown Brattleboro. Last year, Vermont State Senator Bill Doyle’s annual Town Meeting poll showed that more Vermonters are for the continued operation of Vermont Yankee than are opposed to it.

We happen to have elected officials that are not responsibly educating the public about the risks and benefits of nuclear power. There are risks associated with any large scale power production facility but the nuclear industry’s safety record is second to no other industry. Nuclear power production has many environmental benefits, including producing carbon free, clean electricity. Other base load sources like coal, oil or natural gas certainly have a more significant impact. Other non-base load sources like solar, hydro and wind have promise but do not supply the quantity of energy needed.

Vermont Yankee has been producing safe and reliable power for 40 years. Significant upgrades to plant systems have been made and continue to be made to ensure that the plant can be operated safely and reliably for another 20 years. In the five years that Vermont Yankee underwent the federal license renewal process, the License Renewal Team established additional plans for ensuring that systems continue to operate safely for the next 20 years. These plans include additional inspections, testing and preventative maintenance. This all adds to the safety of the plant and should give people, who are willing to be objective, the confidence that they need to support continued operation.

– Jim DeVincentis



Notes & Events

Thursday, March 15: The Middlebury College Republicans are hosting Fox News Contributor Andrea Tantaros to discuss the role of the media in the primary this year. Its at 4:30 p.m. in Dana Auditorium. Dana is located at 356 College Street, Middlebury, VT 05753. Should be a GREAT EVENT – Open to the public!

Saturday, March 17: Rally in Support of Vermont Yankee at the plant gate from 5:00-6:30 pm. This is St Patrick’s Day, so we will work this into our plans. We will have some signs, but please feel free to think about making your own signs, For example: “Celebrating GREEN power on St. Patrick’s Day!” For more information, please contact Howard Shaffer, 603-304-9157 or hshaffer3@myfairpoint.net.

Thursday, March 22: Vermonters for Economic Health presents: “A Tale of Two Futures” by Robert Maynard and Tom Licata. The event will involve and examination of Vermont’s economic future and will be held at 6-30-8:00 pm a the Grange Hall in Essex. (116 Center Road, Essex Junction, Vermont Next to Frank’s Motorcycles)

Wednesday April 18: Ethan Allen Institute’s 19th annual Jefferson Day Event, 7:00, Sheraton Burlington – University Amphitheatre. EAI Founder John McClaughry will speak on “Mr. Jefferson’s Economy.”


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