Letters 1 – 18 – 2011

To the editor:

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“Attorney General Bill Sorell came out with a proposal in December to place a penny per ounce tax on sugary beverages.” So cranberry juice gets it also? Or eggnog? How about the price of maple syrup?

“Life vs. Death: Both sides of the Physician Prescribed Death debate.” “The people who jumped out of the World Trade Center were not committing suicide”.  Is Dick Walters umm ….   over educated? Desperate people do desperate things – these individuals made some very serious choices – to end their lives. Call it whatever you like in an attempt to persuade – it’s still suicide.

— Samuel Shultis

ANSWER: Yes, sugar sweetened fruit juices, like all sugar sweetened beverages, would be taxed. Maple syrup, which is not sweetened with sugar, would not be taxed as far as I can tell. But don’t give them any ideas!

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