Letters 1 – 27 – 2011

Thanks for your coverage

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I have appreciated your covering these events at the legislature and beyond, and the R. responses were very helpful to better understand the emptiness of Shumlin’s rhetoric of no new taxes  can be levied as we are taxed out. Ha!

Will unions be exempt from single payer?

I urge True North to follow the health care proposals in both chambers and report which employee or employer groups will be exempt form this proposal, in whole or in part.  Maybe a scorecard approach that could be updated frequently would help Vermonters keep track.

At the national level, SEIU workers, who were significant contributors to the President’s campaign, are seeking an exemption from Obamacare, although SEIU has a website backing single payer health care!
In Vermont, the Vermont NEA (teacher’s union), VT State Employees Association, and other organized labor groups have all voiced support for a single payer health care plan since 2005.  The newest voice at the table is the Vermont Worker’s Party, which is supported by the unions.
Which of these groups will seek exemptions from the Vermont single payer plan?  How are they linked to campaign donations or outright support for single payer?  Is single payer adequate for most
Vermonters, just not them? Guess we’ll find out if you can keep us informed.
Wendy Wilton

Real cost of education higher than reported

I noticed that you quoted Brad James giving a figure for per pupil spending as $12,000 and change. That’s if you use only current expenditures. When you add non-current expenditures, which gives a better picture, it’s around $20,000 per pupil. There are 92,000 students in Vermont. If we spent $19,000 per student instead of $20,000, that would be $92 million in savings. Just a thought.

Curt Hier

We need more leadership on education spending

It frustrates me deeply that administrative educational expenses are repeatedly dismissed as “only 7% of the budget.” If I did the math correctly that is still at least 140 MILLION dollars. It is a shame we are missing leadership on the education spending issue. The possible solution(s) to the myriad problems afflicting VTs educational system aren’t complicated (even though our existing education structure IS), they simply require political will and a reality check.

Angelique Lee

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