Letters 1 – 28 – 2011

Lightbulb ban makes no sense

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For one hundred years, Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb has been our friend, lighting our homes and other buildings.

In less than one year from now, we will no long have the option to purchase these round light bulbs. Why?  In 2007, Congress passed the “Energy Independence and Security Act” wherein “standards” will start eliminating 276 versions of incandescent light bulbs in 2012. Your favorite 100 watt light bulb will be no more.

Oh, be sure to thank your Congressmen for forcing you to purchase more expensive CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps- the curly ones) so that you can be coerced to help “save the planet” by allegedly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CFL’s are quite toxic because of the MERCURY in the glass tubing. The EPA warns that if we break a CFL, we must bring the pieces to a recycling center. You are also advised not to launder clothing or bedding because mercury fragments in clothing may contaminate the washing machine and/or pollute sewerage.  I wonder who will be libel when a child breaks a CFL and is exposed to mercury.

CFL’s do not work well in colder temperatures and cannot handle dimmer switches. They also give off very little heat, so plan to turn up your thermostat and use more fuel.

The goal of Congress does not appear to help Americans. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), has issued ninety-one pages of regulations to force manufacturers to revise package labeling of CFL’s in an effort to make them more appealing to reluctant consumers.  Instead of listing the bulb wattage, they will list the lumen leaving customers wondering what they are purchasing for lighting output.
One thing you can be sure of:  while you are forced to buy expensive, mercury-laden, poorly labeled CFL light bulbs, businesses will be exporting more jobs to China where they benefit from cheap labor. GE has already closed factories in Kentucky and Ohio and recently shut down a light bulb factory in Winchester, Virginia, where two hundred Americans had been employed. Through this legislation, Congress has encouraged businesses to close down shop in the United States to create jobs abroad while taking away our option to purchase incandescent  light bulbs.  Oh, and Jeffrey Imelt, CEO of GE, is now a part of Obama’s administration as a business advisor.  The ties that bind!

So, who is Congress working for?  Surely they are not protecting our borders or our economic security. Please contact Senators Leahy and Sanders and Congressman Welch to let them know that they should stop changing light bulbs and instead become good stewards of our national safety by protecting us from enemies outside and within the U.S.  Sometimes it feels like Congress is the enemy of the people.

We have entrusted our elected officials with our economy and yet the U.S. borrows forty cents of every dollar it spends. Our country has debt of over $14 Trillion dollars that continues to climb daily. We are paying $4.7 Billion dollars in interest on our debt DAILY!  Those sitting in Washington, D.C. need to take bold steps NOW. The spending spree must stop.  What they are doing is a disgrace and a disservice to you, me , our children and grandchildren. We need representatives who can see the LIGHT!

Linda Kirker, former Essex Junction State Representative

Georgia, Vermont

Vermont’s financial situation is dire

In the tradition of the ‘great group-think’ that is Vermont, Montpelier plans and God, among others, laughs:

“Vermont’s population is aging. In the future there will be many more dependents and fewer wealth-producing workers. These workers will not be able to generate the tax revenue needed to pay Vermont’s projected expenditures for public K-12 education and human services. Increasing broad based tax rates is far more likely to cripple the state’s economy than to produce the needed revenues,” said the 2006 Ethan Allen Institute’s “Off the Rails” report.

“Vermonters are still waiting for Montpelier to engage in the promised full-contact debate over the statewide property tax and the rising – not to say “out of control” – cost of education,” said the Jan. 29, 2007 VermontTiger.com.

“Economic activist Tom Licata presented Vermont’s economy as hurtling toward implosion during a Dec. 5 forum in Essex Junction and said only a long-range plan for job growth and economic development would ensure a viable future,”  said the Dec. 5, 2007 Essex Reporter.

“According to Licata, a businessperson with an MBA, a background in finance, and a concern for the future of Vermont, if legislators continue on their current path, it will doom the economy of the state. He came loaded for bear: a myriad of statistics and charts to support his theories,” said the April 3, 2008 Shelburne News.

“We all knew this day would come…,” said Gov. Shumlin in his Jan. 25, 2011 budget address. Montpelier continues to plan and God, among others, continues to laugh.

Tom Licata, Burlington

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