Letters 10 – 12 – 2011

A better idea regarding advertising drugs directly to consumers 

Alice Dubenetsky offers a good program in lieu of Green Mountain Care (all of which, I might add, has been advocated by the Ethan Allen Institute since 1994). One exception is her thought that drug companies ought not be allowed to advertise directly to consumers. This raises a troubling question: can or should government prohibit a vendor from offering a legal product to consumers? Say, tobacco, alcohol or candy?

A far less troubling position might be that government third party payer programs – Medicare, Medicaid, GMC – will not cover pharmaceuticals advertised to a mass market. If you see and want the product, you have to pay for the product out of your own pocket (or HSA).

– John McClaughry

(Editor’s note: The idea in question here did not belong to reporter Alice Dubenetsky, but Dr. Dan McCaluliffe whom she interviewed for the article.)



Nurses not represented on GMC Board

Regarding health care reform, as a Registered Nurse in the State of Vermont for 30 years this year, I am disappointed none of “The 5” represent the viewpoint of a number of caregivers: nurses, support care workers, direct support people, ICU&ER nurses, nurses all over.

This is critical. Restructuring the financial charts first is not a good approach. The beginning assumptions that the system is irreparably flawed is, itself, a flawed assumption. First, to me the strengths of the current system must be identified, then identify the weaknesses. Then work incrementally, not immediately. Then assess the incremental changes.I hope my opinions are considered by those who read this. You may need a nurse to save your life. Nurses need their valuable opinions heard and considered.

I believe the best way is with widespread surveys of every Vermonter and every direct care worker.

What works? What does not? Why? How to make it better. Thanks for posting info about the 5.

– Mary E. Gerdt


Events & Notes

Sat. October 15th: The first annual VTGOP Harvest Dinner will take place in Rutland. Congressman Frank Guinta (R~NH) will be the special guest speaker. Guinta is a rising star in the Republican Caucus and is the National Award Winner of the 2011 Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Free Enterprise Legislator of the Year Award. Get the details at vtgop.org.

Thurs. October 20th: Green Mountain Care Panel Discussion. Wendy Wilton an Dr. Deb Richter debate Green Mountain Care. Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium, Ludlow, Vermont.

Tues. November 8th: A Forum on the Future of Health Care in Vermont. Featured speakers include Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, and Joel Allenbaugh, Director of Health Reform Initiatives, Maine Heritage Policy Center. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Burlington Hilton on Battery Street (Registration 8:30 am). Click HERE to make your reservation today.

The Hinesburg Republican Town Committee would like to announce that they have a new email address — HinesburgGOP@gmail.com — and would like to hear from citizens who would like to get involved.



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