Letters 10 – 19 – 2011

Renewable energy plan will cost us in more ways than one 

While all the renewable energy plans evolve, the meaningful employers such as IBM will leave Vermont and no new ones will arrive. Way to go!

– Jim Bulmer


Break down government silos

Good piece by Tom Pelham. Bureaucracies love silos because they are more easily described, rationalized and defended. That’s why’ thinking outside the silo’ makes so much sense and requires strong leadership to stand up to those whose interests are threatened by such creative opportunities for more effective use of limited tax dollars.

– David Usher


Opponents of Vermont Yankee lack common sense

There have been several letters published recently by folks wondering why VY employees always cite economics and jobs. I submit this letter in response to those who may truly wonder.

The answer is quite simple. As VY employees we think some things are self-evident. We know the plant is safe and the work we do is meaningful, or: (1) we wouldn’t work there, (2) we wouldn’t have our families living close by, and (3) we wouldn’t put our children in the schools across the road or the river. Yes, we want to keep working here – because we know that the care we administer via thousands of hours of maintenance and upgrades makes this plant one of the most reliable in the nation. Can we find jobs elsewhere? Yes, we can. But we have roots here; we love the community we live in as well as the job we work at. Our ability to find other work is beside the point.

On another note, there have been some folks who have slyly questioned whether the arson at our Brattleboro office was “an inside job.” This is nothing more than outrageous speculation meant to incite! No one among our work family would willingly violate the rest of us and pointlessly place the night crew who cleans our offices at risk. Maybe I should not have been surprised that the first to throw this nasty barb was — by her admission — someone who thinks it is okay to throw dung at another human being just because they disagree with her.

In any event, VY employees are grateful the building was empty and no person was harmed. As upset as we may be by the destruction and damages, we know that things can be replaced.

– Theresa M. Derting


Events & Notes

Thurs. October 20th: Green Mountain Care Panel Discussion. Wendy Wilton an Dr. Deb Richter debate Green Mountain Care. Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium, Ludlow, Vermont.

Tues. November 8th: A Forum on the Future of Health Care in Vermont. Featured speakers include Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, and Joel Allenbaugh, Director of Health Reform Initiatives, Maine Heritage Policy Center. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Burlington Hilton on Battery Street (Registration 8:30 am). Click HERE to make your reservation today.


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