Letters 10 – 28 – 2011


In the October 26 edition of TNR, the subhead for Meredith Angwin’s article read, “We would have to harvest half of the Green Mountain National Forest to replace Vermont Yankee.” Angwin corrects the headline writer:

“Half of the Green Mountain Forest, sustainably harvested, would replace 1/30th of Vermont Yankee, NOT Vermont Yankee! Each of these 20 MW biomass plants uses wood from 200,000 acres, or half the Green Mountain Forest. If you replaced Vermont Yankee, 620 MW, with wood, you would need 200,000 acres times 30, or 6,000,000 acres, which is the entire state of Vermont, hills and forests and roads and farmland and the city of Burlington.”


Now is not the time for Doctor Prescribed Death

Here we go again! Out-of-state forces are once again pressuring our governor and key legislators to take up assisted suicide legislation in the 2012 session. And along with these forces comes out-of-state funding to promote assisted suicide (or better described as doctor-prescribed death/suicide, since the doctor writes a prescription for lethal drugs to cause the death of a person). We have Vermont families who are struggling to put their lives together after Tropical Storm Irene. We have communities strapped with financial responsibilities because of the storm, and we are now heading into the winter months, where road budgets will be stretched further. We have state facilities that were devastated by the storm and state workers displaced, and the list goes on. It is imperative that the upcoming legislative session deals with storm-related and economic issues in a timely, efficient manner. It would be a mistake for the legislators to waste time, energy, and tax-payer funds on such a divisive issue as doctor-prescribed death. Our resources are limited, but our focus must be on getting our State on the road to recovery.

– Kathleen Grange

Events & Notes

Tues. November 8th: A Forum on the Future of Health Care in Vermont. Featured speakers include Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, and Joel Allenbaugh, Director of Health Reform Initiatives, Maine Heritage Policy Center. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Burlington Hilton on Battery Street (Registration 8:30 am). Click HERE to make your reservation today.



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