Letters 11 – 11 – 2011

How much will my power cost? 

The Public Service Board’s energy plan is an attempt to outline a comprehensive energy strategy for the next 20 years. Clearly a daunting task, but they pushed ahead publishing a huge compendium of more than 400 pages for public comment. I took a stab at reading the section on electric energy. I kept reading through page after page of detailed demand projections and primers on solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy sources they project as being major players in the Vermont energy portfolio.

After getting about halfway through the 136 pages on electric energy, it became clear that the plan completely discards Vermont Yankee as a source of power, even though it is nearly CO2 free, and low cost. So, since the plan tosses out 1/3 of its current source of power and replaces it with more expensive renewable power, I was beginning to wonder when they were going to deal with how much power would cost me after the plan is implemented. But alas, no such luck, nothing in the rest of the plan. They seem to want you to believe that all of VY’s power, as well as other low cost sources, will be replaced with high cost renewable power sources and there will no downside to customers like me. Tough to believe, but if the authors of the plan actually project little impact on our per KWH power cost, they should analyze and project these costs in crystal clear words and tables.

– Milo Schaefer



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