Letters 11 – 26 – 2012

This is not a movie

Years ago what you are seeing happening today you would be watching from a movie screen of a make believe movie but not today. What is happening today is real. Yes, we no longer want the America we were born in under the greatest Constitution ever written. We have seen too many movies and had too many college professors from other countries come here and change the picture of this grand nation. We are being told the government will support us. We will have all we want, free, and do not have to work for it. Fools! You are being brainwashed into thinking a Socialistic nation is much better. Take a tour to Russia, China, India, Africa, and some of the other Socialistic people live. Crawling over the dump looking for something to eat. A handout from someone that has a little more than you. You are willing to allow illegal immigrants have all that you have. They can have a drivers license and drive a car. They can vote and when it is time for prayer you better be willing to kneel and prayer the prayers the Muslims are praying. Yes, your kids will be taught their lanquage and customs and the old American customs will be thrown out or burned.

I read 3,000,000 did not go to the polls and vote this year. Where you one of them? Do you want to lose you freedoms to speak, wear or own a gun, go to a doctor when you are sick or just get passed over and allow to you to gradually die?

This is many be hard words but they are what you are going to see the next four years unless you get off your lazy backsides and stand up for the things you have become accustom to. You see, the Bill of Rights gave “We the people” the right to tell the government what to do not the government tell the people what they could or could not do. Wake up! Don’t leave your children in a nation that controls even the air they breathe. This is serious. This is not fun and games.

I love Vermont and all it use to stand for. All my family are buried mostly in Lamoille County and I am honored to know the town in which I live in was named after an ancestor. Many of your ancestors fight and died to give us what we have to day. Did they die in vain? Think it over and think what you can do to turn it around to the State Calvin Coolidge loved. It is time to get VERY serious before it is too late !

Marion Fox Clegg

Hyde Park

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  1. If you want to read more about what is happening to Vermont look up “Taking Over Vermont” written by a Richard Pollak and printed in the April 1972 issue of Playboy Magazine. This was where the plot was laid to bring in 225,000 (liberal minded, of course) to change the direcation of and the ways of the old Vermonter. There was another article entitled “Eugenics: Cultivating Better Vermonters” which I believe was taken off the internent but mentions many well known names.

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