Letters 11 – 28 – 2012

Fleeing Vermont for a fairer and far better managed state

It is sad to read of these unrealistic plans and intentions of the mis-managed Shumlin government. As so many of us who came to southern Vermont to ski and become involved in the communities following retirement, I and my wife are leaving – regretably but determined never to own a square inch in Vermont ever again – for the far fairer and far better managed State of Delaware who offer very interesting considerations for citizens and the senior citizen alike. After age 65, for example, real estate taxes are reduced on a home property up to a cap of $5,000 as the owners are presumed to no longer be using the school system. Imagine what Montpelier would think of this!

Naturally there are other significant considerations for pensions, social security and a variety of other matters. Vehicle registrations are less, real estate taxes 50 to 60% lower, fuel costs lower and less demanding and insurance on private residences about half. Oh, yes – and with the taxes come actual services – no hauling our trash, pumping our own water, providing our own police and fire departments. Novel concepts.

David Hoopes

Lochmeadow, 1042 Landgrove Road, Londonderry, VT 05148