Letters 2 – 1 – 2011

Entergy likely to win lawsuit to remain open

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This excerpt from TrueNorth Reports daily newsletter (01/28/11) reporting on Gov Shumlin’s press conference earlier this week is very likely correct. Entergy won’t walk away from its investment in Vermont Yankee without exhausting all its potential remedies.

“…The bad news is that Shumlin appears totally un-moveable from his insistence that Vermont Yankee be closed in 2012, despite being deemed safe for operation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This, despite red flags raised this week by IBM that Vermont’s largest private employer could be “outta here” if electric rates rise to un uncompetitive levels. Speculation in the State House is that Shumlin’s looking for a federal lawsuit by Entergy denying the legislature the authority to close the plant to get him off the hook without overtly breaking his campaign promises….

I believe Entergy’s chances are better than even that the Federal courts will side with them, but this case, if filed, will likely wind up at the Supreme Court. How much money Vermont will squander defending such a lawsuit is anybody’s guess. Attorney General Sorrell, what’s your budget for this?

Dave Usher

LED traffic lights present a problem

I heard on the news that Burlington (or S. Burlington) is changing out their stop lights using the energy saving LEDs. There is a potential problem here. The bulbs may save energy, but they do not produce enough heat to avoid a build-up of snow and/or ice during a real storm. Something you might like to investigate?

Linda Haslam

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