Letters 2 – 11 – 2011

Enviro-arrogance is unbecoming

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January was the coldest month since 1994, Georgia has had one of it’s snowiest winters ever — even getting snow for the first time on Christmas since the 1880s. Many parts of the U.S. have seen record snowfall and record lows shattered. And yet the people of Vermont continue to be arrogant, self congratulatory, and think that the world cares about what they are doing. I’ve never seen a more arrogant group of people in my life.

Pete Chagnon

Physician Assisted Suicide is Doctor Prescribed Death

Governor Peter Shumlin has made promises to out-of-state special interest groups and has vowed that Vermont will become the next state to pass a bill to allow doctors to write a lethal prescription for their patients under certain conditions. I know that I don’t want our wonderful state to be a part of this. Some may say this helps those who may not have long to live or those who are terminally ill, but I beg to differ. It is important to remember that doctors, hospitals, and people make mistakes. How many times have we heard of people who were misdiagnosed and wound up living years longer than was originally predicted? Ingesting a lethal dose can deny years of time with family and loved ones.

Physician-Assisted Suicide, which is sometimes referred to as Doctor-Prescribed Death does not make for good public policy. Good public policy should have little to no negative consequences, especially not consequences that are fatal and irreversible. Please, don’t let Vermont make the mistake to pass this bill. Stand up against this!

Meagan Swahn

Freedom to choose Cardiologist narrowed by single payer threat

Perhaps that is a more accurate headline?

Because if I needed a cardiologist, Dr. Raabe, Gundel, et al in the CVA associates would have been my first choice, and I could have visits covered insurance wise with my current employer plan. Because of the single payer threat, they are wise enough to see that their practice may be dictated by a board or legislators,who really do not know Atrial Fib or best practice after a heart attack or have the finesse to thread fine catheters through a body to give the patient’s quality life for 10 more years.

Look to Canada to see how narrowing MD choice by imposing unreasonable restrictions on medical practice has affected treatment options and quality of care. I am sure the legislature shoving this single payer, medicare like morass down our throats have no concept of the true impact of losing a doctors group such as CVA. Having worked with these talented doctors who have an independent state of the art practice, I can say it is a loss we should not bear.

Thanks for your commitment to tell the other side.

Mary Gerdt

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