Letters 2 – 16 – 2011

Response to Martin Harris’ op-ed

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Perhaps your conclusions [in Black Swan in Potempkin Village] are “simplistic” as you warn, but there is now a bill introduced to require the same standards in every school in Vt : the state standards which have governed the public schools are (according to this bill) to be extended to all private schools, as well. There is no provision for funding such a mandate (What a surprise!)

Margaret Barnes

A not so optimistic view of our state of affairs

If you add to Shummy’s record, not only dumping on, taxing the hell out of VY, then closing Vt Yankee, but further – instigated 30 cents wholesale for solar and 20 cents for wind.

Then Shummlin’s fellow travelers have blocked, sued, and abused the circ highway for 40 to 50 years. Leaving the state with $100’s of million, lost in a fog of environmentalism, and IBM left with a 3 mile two lane road to nowhere, and no, zero, efficient truck access to or from their plant.

You can add to that Shumlin yelling “You Lie” at IBM’s O’Kane during a presentation about what IBM needed to succeed (read to stay!! ) in Vermont. I don’t recall there was ever an apology to IBM either. [Editor’s note: By way of apology, Shumlin did say, “I did not suggest that John O’Kane was lying. I said that the folks who are spinning that tale are not telling the truth.” There’s a warm fuzzy for ya.]

Vermont seems hopeless, a stupid bunch of lemmings hell bent to stumble to their death off the cliff, every cliff!!.

Sorry, Doug Richmond

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