Letters 2 – 18 – 2011

True North Reports a great service

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This is a great service. Keep up the good work.

F.N. Ted Barker

Vermont should say no to Doctor Prescribed Death

I just read an article in the Winter 2011 “The Vermont Bar Journal” by Margaret K. Dore, Esq., an elder law/appellate attorney in Washington state, where assisted suicide is legal. You can access the article with the link below. On page 3 of the article, “Oregon’s suicide rate, which excludes suicide under Oregon’s assisted suicide act, is 35% higher than the national average. This rate has been ‘increasing significantly since 2000.’ Just three years prior, in 1997, Oregon legalized assisted suicide. There is at least a statistical correlation between these two events. (Topper, notations are made to reference all the statements in her article.) Regardless, how can Oregon or Vermont credibly tell its citizens that ‘suicide is not the answer’ when it also tells them that suicide is ‘death with dignity?’ In Vermont, preventing suicide is official state policy. Vermont should not enact a proposal that contradicts this policy.” AMEN!!!!!!!!

Kathy Grange

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