Letters 2 – 23 – 2011

Green Mountain Patriots respond to union rally in Montpelier

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Everyone is aware of the events that are unfolding in Wisconsin over the past few days, which has recently been called ground zero by liberty groups and public-employee unions across the country. What is at stake at this time is the sustainability of our economy.

We are spending ourselves into a fiscal Armageddon and are quickly coming up to the point of no return. If we do not make significant cuts now at both the state and national levels we are looking at the possibility of a Greece style financial meltdown. It is much better to voluntarily make the cuts now than simply run our financial train off the rails.

Vermont has taken notice and public-employee unions in Vermont are planning a demonstration at the statehouse on Tuesday, February 22 at noon in support of the public-employee unions in the State of Wisconsin. Liberty groups in the state of Vermont have also taken notice, and many are saying that this is too important to sit out.

But unlike many public employees, most liberty group members simply cannot afford to take the time off, especially at short notice. While we appreciate the work of our teachers, police officers, firemen, and other public employees, we feel that everyone’s job is important to this state and this economy.

Most of us have been saving and putting away a little bit of our money for retirement, because we know that when it is time to retire, we will not be able to rely on social security. Many of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will not be able to retire at the expected age of 65, and will continue to work for as long as we are physically able. We have had to contribute more and more to our health benefits. Many of us have recently lost our jobs or have been forced to work for less pay or reduced hours. So it is beyond our comprehension that we must continue to work so hard and struggle in these financial times, while those supported by our ever-increasing taxes keep their Cadillac benefits and their ability to retire on full pensions after only 25-30 years on the job.

For this, we are being called greedy and self-serving? We are left wondering just what the purpose of Tuesday’s noon rally is. Do those rallying to protest legislation in Wisconsin not see the pain of so many in the private-sector? Do they not see the burden that will be placed on our children and grandchildren if things continue so out of balance? Do they really represent the majority of Vermonters?

The media is asking what our response to this rally will be. Clearly most of us are not in a position to go to the rally. And frankly it is best for our personal and state economies that we stay on the job and not shirk our work responsibilities.

What we are asking all of our members to do at noon on Tuesday is to take a moment and say a prayer… a prayer for Wisconsin, and for our own state, Vermont, which is also facing budget deficits. Say a prayer for our country, which is experiencing severe budget and fiscal problems. But mostly, say a prayer that this generation would rise to the task of ensuring that our children and grandchildren not be left with debt from our irresponsible spending habits. Pray for our generation to embrace the freedom and personal responsibility ideas embraced by our founders when they wrote the Constitution.

Green Mountain Patriots

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