Letters 2 – 3 – 2011

Some of us are listening!

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I would like to share a few comments in response to the letter in your 2-2-11 report concerning healthcare and the legislation that the Healthcare Committe is currently working on in response to the Hsiao Report which came out a few weeks ago.

I am Rep. Vicki Strong and I am serving on this committee. As a conservative, I find this committee

daunting, but I would like to encourage the writer of the letter in your report, by saying that there are a few conservative voices on the committee who are working very hard to try and represent businesses, doctors, hospitals, and Vermonters who do not want to see their taxes go up or lose their freedom of choice in their health care choice.

I am new on this committee but I am striving everyday to ask common sense questions that will help these legislators think through what their decisions will lead to down the road. Please let your readers know that although we are a smaller voice in our House and Senate, there are those like myself who are still working hard to bring a balance to the political process. Keep us in your prayers so that we will have the wisdom and strength that we need to stand up for common sense values.

Thank you and God bless you,

Rep. Vicki Strong, Albany, Vermont

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