Letters 2 – 4 – 2011

National Popular Vote a strike out

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A few years back , I heard a mathematician explain the fairness of the electoral process like this.

It is the World Series:

Game 1:    Boston  1         Yankees 0

Game 2:    Boston  3         Yankees  4

Game 3:     Boston  23       Yankees  0

Game 4:     Boston  0         Yankees  1

Game 5:     Boston  2         Yankees  3

Game 6:     Boston  7         Yankees  2

Game 7:     Boston  1          Yankees 2

Which Team won? The one that won the most games? (Boston:3 Yankees:4) or the team that got the most runs??( Boston: 37 Yankees: 12)

It doesn’t matter how many runs you get (individual votes). What matters is how many games you win (states). The founding fathers knew what needed to be done in order to assure fair and equal status for each state.

So, if you ‘re a fan of baseball, it follows, you’re a fan of the Electoral College.


Editor’s note:. A great explanation of the electoral college, but still scratching my head as to two teams from the AL East wound up playing each other in the World Series. Nevertheless, it’s certain that however this occurred, AJ Burnett was pitching in game 3.

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Rob Roper

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