Letters 2 – 8 -2011

Good job pointing out Sanders’ hypocrisy

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Several good articles [in Monday’s Op-Ed edition] but the one on Sanders was priceless. To contact Sanders is very difficult and one can’t send a separate article by email. I asked one of his hired guns why and was told there’s too much on the internet. Unfortunately Vermont voted that Socialist in. Understand he has a picture of Socialist Eugene Debs hanging on his office wall. Attending one of his sessions on global warming is a circus.


Our veterans deserve better than this

Do you think that you could do an article on the newest legislative fiasco involving Disabled Veterans’ Property Tax Exemption. There was an article recently in the Weekly Legislative Report, #5 – January 28, 2011, written by Steven Jeffrey and sent out by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns addressing the exemption and what the legislators would like to do about the exemption. I realize that the legislature gives you plenty of journalistic fodder when they are in session, however, this is really a slap in the face to the veterans of this state. Other states are a LOT more generous in their handling of veterans’ property tax exemptions than the state of Vermont, and now these people want to give them less?

Keep up the great reporting and letting us know what is going on in Montpelier.

Carol A. DeFreitas, Bethel VT

Vermont leaders lack vision on energy future

The main concern with VY is that this plant is aging and eventually must be shut down. Entergy spokesman can tout the safety record all they want and it is an admirable one, but the fact remains there is nothing in place to replace this power once it goes offline. The alternatives being touted are not viable or cost effective. That is the main issue to a lot of us. The focus is on the plant and against nuke energy when it should be on building a replacement nuke plant. Even Obama realizes that nuke energy is one of the best sources for our energy needs. This shortsightedness is typical of Vermont now. In the past, our leaders always looked towards the future with viable plans, now we are overrun by obstructionists and social engineers who have this “vision” of what Vermont should be but they have confused it with the Land of Oz. In other words, look behind the curtain concerning those people and you will see manipulative personas who really don’t have a clue what is going on.

Pete Chagnon

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