Letters 2 – 9 – 2011

Many Vermont towns tax propane tanks

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Regarding a prohibition of the minimum fee on propane. Probably very few people outside the ranks of Lister are aware that a substantial portion of Vermont towns impose a tax on propane tanks, specifically those owned by someone other than the homeowner. It is the “Business Personal Property Tax,” whereby each propane tank, above ground fuel tank, &c is valued and that value added to the Grand List of the town. Eden voted not to tax such property, so I don’t have exact numbers, but I believe that a 100 Gallon propane tank in new condition would be assessed at about $1200, meaning that each such tank would pay in round figures $5.00 tax each year. Electric utility poles and structures are also taxed under a different clause.

Bruce P. Shields

Montpelier is becoming unbearable

Pre-K increased spending? Where does this all end. What we have are people spaced out on global warming and O-Care. Can’t we just pay them off and send them home from Montpelier? Too many people have been there too long. Vermont is in a cavernous lack of money pit and we just keep digging. When Rep. Patrick Mangan, R, Woodstock was in Montpelier, he stated his priority was to go to Montpelier and not have any new bills but to try to eliminate all the ineffective ones. Legislation in Montpelier is becoming unbearable.


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