Letters 3 – 10 – 2011

Phil Scott is right about heath care legislation

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He certainly is right about health care. The 5 member panel, created and staffed by Shumlin will be partisan and political, toeing the line of socialized medicine. Their actions, even IF not intentional, will rapidly create demand for total guvmint takeover, not just the bill paying, but also with it’s inevitable rule and rationing component. Just paying Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacys 40 to 50 % of their costs will finish off the last remnants of private or competitive health access.

This is already happening when Catamount is shoved down into Medicaide welfare. Again this is Shumlin saying “In Vermont, a mans word is his bond.” Catamount passed with a promise to pay far above Medicaid rates to providers – and Now Shumlin says that too is just some words on a paper. Do You SUPPOSE that Doctor Deb Richter – formerly of our families medical office, who, paid for years to push single payer, will be “allowed” to be one of the 5 members? I have confirmed that she is no longer practicing medicine – kind of takes HER out of the pain they will cause to other medical providers!!

Also watched Phil’s statement in voting for permission for Public Service Board to conduct it’s independent appraisal of continuing Yankee.

If the 5 member medical board, with no apparent oversight, is wonderful for health care – huge and complicated and all ideas untested, why is the PSB so frightening for simple electric generation. It seems further that only the Senate did vote against PSB and Yankee, with the earlier provision that BOTH chambers must approve now. House never voted? Sneaky Shumlin. Shake hands with him, then count your fingers!

Did I misread the Freak Press on this?

Doug Richmond


Scott raises the right questions

Vermonters should be pleased that Lt. Governor Phil Scott correctly expresses his top two concerns about single payer health care. Common sense dictates that the answers to the critical questions he raises must be available before Vermont rushes headlong into a single payer plan.

We must know how any plan will be funded, what the real savings are and whether large companies will be able to opt out of their self insurance plans that are national in scope. They certainly will not pay twice for health care.

David Usher


Would liberals exempt themselves from salary surcharge tax?

My assumption is that the liberals will exempt their friends who run nonprofits and charities from something as onus as a salary surcharge. Only “evil” corporations will feel their wrath, right?

Keep up the great work Atlas!


James Meyers


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