Letters 3 – 11 – 2011

“Common asset” bill is true extremism

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Liberals are fond of overusing the term “exremist” when talking about conservatives, and Vermont’s MSM dutifully repeats the slur. While this outrageous bill fits the true meaning of extremism, I won’t hold my breath waiting to hear or see the term used against the bill’s sponsors. Calling Democrats extreme, no matter how flaky or radical their actions, is taboo in Vermont.

Deb Bucknam (via the truenorthreports.com)


An open letter to Rep. Ken Atkins

Mr. Atkins,

How dare you propose such a self-serving bill when people are struggling to make ends meet, employers are cutting jobs and wage increases, and the elderly are coming out of retirement just to pay their bills?

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but our state is in a lousy economy. This whole country is in a lousy economy, and you want $10,000 death benefits paid to the dependents of any legislator who dies while in office. I presume you want us to pay for it with our taxes.

Enough is enough, Ken! You are a public servant, yet you are serving your own interests day after day, since 1998. From your blog:

“No one knows better than my wife and I how challenging it is to survive in today’s economy: rising taxes, utility costs, medical care, food prices and fuel to heat our homes and drive our vehicles. It is frightening to think what the future might hold for our children and grandchildren. Every day in session I use my experience to work diligently towards finding solutions to these problems.”

To that I say “shame on you!” Two years ago, you voted DOWN a tiny 5% pay cut for legislators! And now you want more benefits…shame on you!

You live at the taxpayers’ expense, sir, you and your family. How dare you tell us that “no one knows better” about the challenges of survival in today’s economy. Before you were elected in 1998, you spent 34 years as a teacher, another public employee paid from taxes.

I dare you to try meeting the challenges of this economy with a real job, a private-sector job, one in which you would be held accountable for your performace and paid based on the merits of your work. I dare you to try paying taxes that are in line with what the rest of us lowly normal people pay. Heck, I dare you to try to even find a decent-paying private-sector job in this economy.

Good luck and (hopefully) good riddance,

Kelly Stettner



More roar of the crowds…

I just LOVE True North Reports. Keep up the good work.

Elaine Pettegrow (via Facebook)


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