Letters 3 – 17 – 2011

Thanks for TNR’s great work

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Thanks for your excellent work. Angela Chagnon’s reports on the events under the Golden Dome in Most Peculiar are particularily valuable right now. Her Common Assets Bill report left me in shock, but led me to find this document on the state website: “Valuing Common Assets for Public Finance in Vermont,” edited by Gary Flomenhoft and Amos Baehr, 2008. The report came out of UVM.

There is much work to be done, isn’t there?

Best regards,

Anna Vesely Pilette



We’ve seen these tactics before…

I read the piece on the single payer “tv hearings” and wanted to throw up. This is the same sham foisted on the opposition during the pre-k debates a couple of years ago. There was a similar set up in White River and one of our guys went to state his opposition. After all the pro shills had their say, our guys was told “sorry, out of time.” This is despicable and just another reason to pack up and leave.

Jim Bulmer


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